Heijin industry faces the world and enters Kazakhstan

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In 2018, the Kazakhstan Science Education Exhibition was held in Kazakhstan. As a domestic educational information enterprise, Shenzhen Heijin Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional brand in the field of touch screen and interactive multimedia equipment.


Heijin Industry, which was invited to participate in the exhibition this time, has carefully created a smart classroom with interactive teaching as the core, combined with the new needs of education. During the exhibition, the booth of Black Gold Industry was crowded with people.

touch all-in-one


In this exhibition, Heijin brought a touch all-in-one machine, which covers multimedia teaching, remote screen projection and other functions. They use infrared touch technology and do not require special pen operation. The panel design of nano-steel plate material ensures smooth writing and Good light resistance. It also has a variety of sizes now, and businesses can choose products that suit them according to their needs. When working, they can be used for meetings or remote meetings; when they are leisure, they can listen to songs and watch videos.

All-in-one whiteboard


In this exhibition, Heijin Industry also brought the company's IWO series whiteboard all-in-one machine to the show and demonstrated it, which attracted the attention of many visitors, and let "teachers, students" and "parents" participate in the teaching in person. The full-process intelligent teaching experience before class, during class and after class made many teachers on the scene shine. It is not only suitable for corporate training, but also provides many optional systematic solutions for the education industry, which can be easily and conveniently applied and managed according to different scenarios. At the same time, it is waterproof and dustproof, and supports gesture erasure, gesture recognition, and has many features such as driver-free, correction-free, high positioning accuracy, and sensitive response, which can meet the needs of users.


In the future, Heijin Industry will continue to explore new models of educational development,

With the help of educational informatization and Internet cutting-edge technology,

Develop more intelligent interactive education products suitable for modern multimedia teaching,

Provide high-quality educational equipment and resources for more teachers and students.

Heijin is willing to join hands with you to create the future of education!

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