Working principle of black gold industrial touch screen

Release time:2019-11-14   Browse times:11704

Now the infrared touch screen is dividing up the touch screen market with resistive touch screen and capacitive touch screen. Although the touch screen appeared late, it has developed rapidly. We can learn how the infrared touch screen works.


1. Infrared touch screen before the work of the relevant equipment preparation. The infrared touch screen in the black gold industry has an infrared matrix set close to the screen, which can detect and locate the user's touch. The touch screen is equipped with an outer frame in front of the display, in which the circuit board is involved, which can form an infrared matrix through one-to-one correspondence.

2. Touch the reaction at work. When touching, fingers or other foreign objects block the infrared ray of the position. When scanning, if infrared ray is blocked, the x-axis light indicates that the infrared ray sensing foreign objects are blocked, and the y-axis light indicates that the touch is confirmed. Therefore, the X and Y axis lights on at the same time represent the discovery and determination of touch.

As the touch screen of black gold can be positioned by accurate calculation, the accuracy is very high. These advantages, coupled with continuous research and development in this area, gradually occupy the touch screen market.

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